The Masters Tournament

The Masters is one of the biggest golf tournaments held every year, where the golfer has the chance to take home the esteemed green jacket. It is one of the most well-known golf tournaments popular in different parts of the world.

The Masters(golf) tournament

The Masters tournament is the smallest in field of the other four majors hosted by the Augusta National Golf Club.

The tournament takes place every year at the Augusta National Golf Club. The course is located in the city of Augusta, Georgia.

This year will be another edition of this great tournament. It will do so after a brief pause, the shortest in history. The last Masters tournament was played in November last year. It was postponed too late in the year amid the Covid-19 that rocked the world.

Masters Tournament History

The tournament was started by Bobby Jones and banker investor Clifford Roberts. This came after Jones and Alistair McKenzie jointly designed Augusta National.

With the exception of the first tournament, which took place in March 1934, the tournament has been held in April. It is usually scheduled for the first full week of the month.

From 1949, all winners of the championship tournament were presented with a green jacket. Through these years, the winner has been allowed to take the green jacket outside of the Augusta National Grounds until the next tournament, which must be returned.

 It is also the tradition that the winner of the tournament hosts the champion’s dinner and is responsible for determining what should be on the menu. The dinner table usually consists of the previous winners. In addition, some members of the Augusta board are invited.

During these years there have been various winners of the green jacket. But Jack Nicklaus holds the record for most wins. He also holds the record of oldest golfer   to have won the green jacket. The youngest golfer to have won the Masters is Tiger Woods. He won the green jacket in 1997 when he was 21 years and 104 days old.

The Masters 2021 Tournament

 2021 will be another season when the world’s best and professional golfers go to the prestigious Augusta National Golf Club in search of the green jacket. Certainly, nothing is going to feel as good as the opening of this spring season for Masters fans.

Many fans around the world will be excited to see how these top golfers in search of the green jacket battle each other. While it only happens once, in a year no die-hard fan will think of missing out.

Although many want to be among these spectators at the Augusta National Club, but due to the current Covid-19, tickets are extremely difficult to find.

The world pandemic had already influenced the tournament and forced the 2020 edition to be postponed to the end of the year. This year, however, the tournament takes on its traditional month of April.

So, if you don’t want to miss out on the 85th edition of the Masters tournament, you know it’s back in its right place in April. The 2021 edition is to be played from April 8th and until April 11th.

 As is tradition, the 2021 tournament will be preceded by the par 3 competition on Wednesday. The late Arnold Palmer has claimed the triumphs for a whopping five times on the 1,060-yard course.


If you’re a fan of a Masters tournament you know April is just around the corner. So get ready to see if Dustin Johnson, the defending champion, keeps the green jacket in this tournament, one of the majors hosted by Augusta National Club.

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