How to Watch Masters 2021 live in the US without cables

Golf is one of the top sports that has slowly and steadily gained popularity in recent years. The sports are now accepted and have fans in different parts of the world. As with any other top sport, golf has some highly competitive tournaments held in different parts of the world.

One such competitive golf tournament is the Masters tournament. Except for the last year, the tournament usually takes place in the first week of April each year. The Masters tournament usually takes place at a fixed location, the Augusta National Golf Club. The tournament has its roots back in 1934 when it was first played and has been held regularly every year.

Watch Masters Live Stream Without Cables

With a long history like this, the tournament is hugely popular and many fans around the world will be excited to see this upcoming 85th version.

Are you one of those fans who are dying to see their favorite golf tournament? Unfortunately, due to the current coronavirus pandemic that has rocked the world, fans have been banned from physically attending the Masters 2021 at Augusta National Golf Club.

But it’s not the end for you who don’t want to be on the list of those who will miss this upcoming Masters tournament. There are many ways that you can take advantage and enjoy your favorite golf tournament from the comfort of your home.

Here we look at how to watch the Masters 2021 tournament without cable while in US.

 Let’s dive right into some of the options available.

  • CBS All Access

CBS All Access is owned and operated by CBS Interactive. It is one of the America-based streaming video services that gives you access to your favorite tournament that is to be aired live on the CBS satellite television channel. However, you will need to create and maintain an account that will require some monthly fees to be paid.

  • FuboTV

Another way to watch the Masters 2021 tournament in the US without cable is to use the services of Fubo TV.  This Online TV offers its services in packages that contain different channels. CBS is one of the top sports channels this American television service provider offers its users.

  • Hulu with live TV

Hulu TV is another premium online TV that broadcasts top-class sports activities in the US and around the world. With CBS in its packages, you can stream your favorite Masters tournament and eliminate the need to use cable television. However, you have to pay around $ 56 monthly subscription fees.

  • Sling TV

If you’re looking for a cheaper option to see the Masters 2021 then, look no more. With the free trial version for new customers of up to seven days, you can watch your favorite show on Sling TV without paying a single penny. Aside from just enjoying your favorite golf sports, you can enjoy other shows and on-demand content as well.

  • AT&T TV now

This is also another cable cutting option that will allow you to watch the upcoming tournament in your best location. As with any other premium streaming service provider, there are some monthly fees to pay. However, they are not expensive.

  • Play Station Vue

They are owned and operated by Sony Interactive. They offer excellent picture and sound quality. So you can watch your favorite program with excellent picture and sound quality.


There are many ways to watch the upcoming Masters 2021 tournament in the US without using cable. We just checked beforehand what it means. However, we are sure that any of the options above will never disappoint when it comes to watching your favorite Masters tournament

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