How to watch Masters Golf in the United States

Are you in the US and now thinking about how you can watch 2020 the Masters Tournament? If yes then this piece of work is for you. We are going to show several ways that you can use to follow all the activities of this year’s tournament.

Watch The Masters 2020 – LIVE!!

Masters live

Ok, let us set our boat sailing.


CBS being the first media to provide the coverage for this event remains the mainstream option in the UK. While in the UK, you can watch the 2020 Masters Tournament On CBS. It has rights to air the Saturday and Sunday event. So implies that you will have an opportunity to view the climax of the competition. It has other sub-broadcasters.


This is an official site that will also offer the live stream of Saturday and Sunday plays. So get a reliable internet connection and set yourself to stream the plays when they are live.

  • CBS Sports Network

Here is another broadcaster in the UK that ensures you don’t miss the climax of this tournament. They will air the last play of this tournament. So you will have an opportunity to know who will emerge the winner. You will also access the previews before the Saturday and Sunday event.

  • CBS Sports app

Will you be on the move during this tournament? You also have an option, and the choice is non-other than the CBS sports app. After downloading and installing this app on your phone, you will stream the plays wherever you are.

What if you can’t access CBS?

For those who can’t access CBS, it doesn’t imply you can watch the tournament. There are other solutions. The online TV could help the situation. With the service of Sling TV, Hulu TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV, you will enjoy the tournament even if you don’t have access to CBS

Watching The Masters on ESPN

If you stay in the US and need to watch the tournament on your TV, then ESPN lets you will air the plays of the first two days of the competition.

What if you don’t have access to ESPN?

I know may be you don’t access to ESPN, and now you are wondering if you still watch and cheer this years’ tournament? Don’t bother; there is also a solution for you. The answer is non-other than Online TV.

However, you will as well face some geographical limitation for some online broadcaster, but with a reliable VPN, that limit isn’t a thing to worry about. You are also required to have an established internet connection to stream continuously.

Nevertheless, here are the best online TVs that you can stream the tournament while in the US.

• DirecTV Now

DirecTV Now is our number one recommendation for any golf fan in the US and looking for the way to cheer the tournament just at home. They are offering packages that can be purchased per month. You can choose a package that has ESPN and streams the game.

One thing that you will also appreciate about this online TV is their seven trial period, which is given to its new member. This implies that you will access the event free.

• Sling TV

This is another online TV that you can employ its services to stream the Masters golf competition. They also offer their services in packages, and the BLUE+ORANGE package is what is most important here. The package goes for about $40 per month, but you can also enjoy the seven-day free trial it offers to its customers.

• PlayStation Vue

This online TV has both ESPN and ESPN2 in one of its packages. Moreover, they offer some storage space where you can save your stream for later re-watch. Their interface is magnificent, and they provide the stream to up to five different devices.

• Hulu Live TV

Without forgetting about Hulu TV, which is also an alternative online TV. They have ESPN in their packages. So you will be sure of streaming some plays of the tournament.

Moreover, as a new user, you will be given the seven days free as a trial. This implies that if you are smart, you will be able to watch the tournament free.

Last note

The 2020 Masters Tournament is an exciting tournament that the world is expecting this coming April. To be among the fans around the world, we have shown you some of the ways you can watch while in the US. So, your US geographical limitation is not an issue by now. You will enjoy the tournament as you wish.

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