How to watch Masters Golf in the UK

Masters Golf is one of the major tournaments that are exciting to watch. Anyone who has been there and witnessed physically or just watched on their TV can ascertain to that.

Just like any other course of this tournament, the 84th time tournament that is to take place on 09-12 of April this year will be at its official ground the Augusta National Club. This club is the founder of this tournament, which is played after every April of each year.

2020 Masters Golf Live Stream- Watch NOW

Watch Masters Live

I know you want to follow and see whether Patrick Reed will retain his championship. At that point, you need to either go to Augusta National Club physically or use the service of any broadcaster. In this piece of work, we will reveal some of the ways that you can use to watch the Masters tournament while in the UK.

Well, let us see.

Masters Golf Live on BBC

BBC is our number one broadcaster in the UK. Though there have been some talks that they are not in good terms with the Masters Tournament official, they are still on the list of those who have rights to air this year’s competition. They will cover the weekend plays.

BBC has some apps that can be downloaded for Google store. This is a plus for those who will be on the move but they need to follow everything using their phone.

Watch The Masters Live on Sky Sports

Sky sport is another media that will cover this event in the UK. It is expected that they will start airing the promotional trails for the tournament this week.

Sky sports have some apps that can help those who will be on a move to stream the live event.

What if you can’t access BBC or Sky Sport?

For those who can’t access BBC or sky Sports, it doesn’t imply you can watch the tournament. There are other solutions. The online TV could help the situation. With the service of Sling TV, Hulu TV, PlayStation Vue, and DirecTV, you will enjoy the tournament even if you don’t have access to BBC or Sky sports.

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Last Note

You don’t have to miss the 2020 Masters tournament. There are many alternatives; you can use to stream or watch the plays while in the UK. We have given some of them. Choose the workable one according to your needs and be ready to cheer the games when the time comes.

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