How to Watch The Masters Live Stream 2021

Howday Golfers!!

The most prestigious Masters Tournament is scheduled on April 8 -11, 2021 at Augusta National Golf Club. The tournament finally occurring after seven months later than the scheduled time due to the COVID-19 pandemic. CBS Sports, ESPN and Golf Channel will air the most wonderful Masters Golf live from the course.

The tournament was first held in 1934 and was officiated by Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones. This tournament used to be identified as Augusta National Invitation Tournament. The name originates from the famous golf club, the Augusta National Golf Club. It was renamed to the “Masters Tournament “after five years later.

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Since 1940, the tournament has been scheduled every April of each year. The Masters Tournament is rescheduled to April 8-11 from the original schedule of April 9-12 due to COVID-19 worldwide.

This tournament has a participation limit. It has many qualification categories.

Are you now thinking about what channels will cover this tournament? For American fans, they can access the event on their TV by tuning ESPN and for their brothers in the UK, they can tune in to CBS.

The Masters 2021 Overview

EventThe Masters
LocationAugusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA
DateApril 8 -11, 2021
Purse$11 million
TV ChannelCBS & ESPN

These major broadcasters have the full right to cover the tournament. However, there exist other sub-channels, which have purchased broadcasting rights from these two major broadcasters. We are going to describe how you can watch the full live streaming of the 2021 Masters Golf Tournament online with and without cable.

When does it start?

The 2021 Masters will be the 85th times since its start.  It will be played In Augusta National Club, its normal place. They are the founder of this tournament. This year it will be on April 8 -11, 2021 when Patrick Reed will be in the field again to defend the title.

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The practice round will start on Nov. 9.

Where can I watch the Masters 2021?

To watch this Masters tournament, you need to be a subscriber of CBS Sports. They have been the dominating broadcaster since the start of this tournament.

Masters 2021 TV Schedule

Round 1ESPN8/4/2021
Round 2ESPN9/4/2021
Round 3CBS10/4/2021
Round 4CBS11/4/2021

What if I don’t have CBS Sports?

For those who can’t access the CBS sport, it can be a challenge to cheer the tournament. Nevertheless, ESPN is an alternative to CBS sports. However, you will miss some games. It will only cover Thursday and Friday.

To be sure, consider online streaming from sources such as DirectTV Now, Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, Hulu Live TV, and Watch the Masters in 4K.

What are the tee times?

The tee times will be available on the day before the tournament play starts. The tee times will be to provide information purposively. The official groupings and starting times will also be available from the tournament site.

What is ‘the cut’

The cut at Masters Tournament is different from British open Cut rule, the PGA championship Cut rule, and the US Open-Cut rule. The Masters 2021 Cut is at 50 plus ties and anyone within ten strokes of the lead.

2021 Masters Live Stream Free

Watching the 85th edition of the Masters Tournament is a challenge to some people who can’t physically get to the club. Nevertheless, if outside and want to follow all the activity of this tournament, there exists an option.

Masters Golf live free

For home audience, they will be capable of watching the tournament through their cable TV, laptops, and smartphones. They will also be able to watch the competition on the variety of Medias including streaming online.

Masters Live

Here are the official broadcasters:


For those who have TV, this channel will cover the Saturday and Sunday events. CBS has been the mainstream broadcaster of this tournament since the start in UK. They will also cover 2021 tournament. They will broadcast to over 200 countries.

You can also stream the Saturday and Sunday event through this site.

CBS Sports Network

This is another TV coverage that is set to make sure you don’t miss to cheer this fascinating tournament. Apart from Saturday and Sunday events, you will access the live broadcasts and previews of the entire week.

 CBS Sports app

For those who will be on the move during this event can still follow all activities through this app. Download and install on your phone and you will be able to stream the Saturday and Sunday play.

To stream using CBS sports APP while outside the UK you need to have a  UK based VPN .


For those in the US, ESPN is your first selection. It is the best alternative that will supplement the CBS, which is to provide coverage In Uk. It will cover Thursday and Friday plays.

Watch Masters Live Stream Free Online Without Cable 

Don’t have cable TV and now wondering how you can watch the Masters 2021 tournament? Don’t worry; there exists an alternative. The answer is to consider streaming online without cable connection. However, it is still a challenge as there is still a geographic limitation. It is also a requirement for you to have a stronger internet connection. You don’t want buffering experience when you are enjoying the tournament.

Masters Live Stream

After ensuring that you have, a stronger internet connection here is the best media to stream your admiring tournament.

DirecTV Now

The DirecTV Now is one of the greatest services that will let you enjoy the tournament online just at home. They are accessible in packages.

The expensive package being” Gotta Have It” which goes for $75 per month.

The DirecTV Now offers CBS in their bundles and being one of the broadcasters of Masters Tournament; you will be guaranteedto Saturday and Sunday plays in any package that you will procure.

One thing that you will also appreciate about DirecTV Now is their free trial period of up to seven days to its new users.

Sling TV

This another service provider that can facilitate you to follow the tournament plays through online. Sling TV allows its users to customize anything they see. They offer their services in packages and expensive package, which is Blue+Orange goes for $40 per month.

Here the orange bundle should be your selection. They have ESPN, which broadcast the Thursday and Friday plays.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has ESPN and ESPN2 in each of its bundles. They also have CBS and CBS sports on Elite, Core and Ultra bundles. With all this, you will be able to stream the 2021 Masters Golf Tournament.

Moreover, the PlayStation Vue offers some space where you can save your streaming for future reference. You will also be able to stream using your package on five different devices.

Another thing that is also admiring in this platform is that you can split the display into three and watch on different networks.

Hulu Live TV

We can’t forget mentioning about Hulu Live TV. They are one of the platforms that will offer the Masters 2021 tournament live streaming though CBS and CBS Sports.

They also extend their streaming service with ESPN and ESPN 2 in addition to their seven days free trial this is a platform through which you can stream the entire 2021 Masters Golf free.

Watch Masters Tournament Live in 4K (HDR)

If you are more concerned about watching the Masters Tournament in 4K (HDR), then DIRECTV is your savior. Next month, DIRECTV will air the Master Golf Tournament from Augusta, and it will be in 4K (HDR). The will cover the” Amen Corner.”They will also cover the holes on other following days.

2021 Masters Golf Live Stream Online Using VPN

As I said before, those outside the UK or US and those who can’t access CBS or ESPN, it could be a challenge to watch the tournament. However, this does not imply that they will not and completely unable to cheer their favorite tournament.

Why? Because there are alternatives, others talked about in this piece work and others to be talked ahead. Here I show you another way to watch the tournament by streaming online using the VPN whether you are outside the US or UK.

Ok, let us see.

  • ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is first on our list with some reasons. It is a Virtual Private Network Offered by British  organization. This security and privacy tool can be used to mask your IP address so that you can stream the Masters golf just like any other person in UK.

You will appreciate using this service as they have a 30-day money back guarantee alongside their magician speed.

  • IPVanish

Here is another IP masking tool that you can use to stream the Masters Tournament content outside the  US. This is US based VPN that can give access to ESPN streaming while outside the US.

  • NordVPN

We can’t forget mentioning about this VPN when it comes to watching Masters golf online. They have applications ranging from windows to MAC. With this VPN, you can mask your location and stream CBS OR ESPN.

VPN Setup process

•    Purchase VPN from your preferred provider according to your needs

•    Install your purchased VPN on your device

•    Launch the VPN by clicking on service provider icon

•    Log into your account using your registered credentials

•    Enter activation if provided by your provider

•    Select the server location

•    Connect to your preferred server location

•    The setup is complete, and you are now ok to stream your desired content

Everything you need to know about The Masters

How can I watch The Masters from the stadium?

Collect your tickets from online and enjoy The Masters Golf Tournament.

Where will be played the Masters?

The Masters will be held at Augusta National Golf Club.

How many times held the Masters?

It will be the 85th edition of the Masters Tournament and the first professional golf championship this year.

What month is played the Masters Golf?

Every year the Masters Tournament is played in April.

Who is the current winner of the Masters?

Patrick Reed is the current champion

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Prize Money

The Masters Tournament prize money is set at $11 million. The winner will take home $1.98 million and $1.188 million for the second place. The remaining will be shared among those who will meet the cut.


Webb Simpson and Adam scot have the highest odds to win the tournament while Tiger Woods have the lowest odds to win the tournament.

Last Words

The 2021 Masters Tournament is not only a delightful tournament, but also it is an exciting tournament that you should not miss to watch. With different TV, media, and broadcasters offering the coverage, like what we have talked in this article, you have no valid reason to miss any play of the tournament. For sure, regardless of your geographic location, you are entitled to all plays.